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6 Men Gang Rape White Woman, Citizens Send Nasty Suprise

A mother was drugged and raped by a gang of migrants, sparking outrage and violent protests in response.

The 26-year-old woman, Daily Mail reported, claimed to have woken up in an unfamiliar house with cuts and bruises on her body. She said she believed she had her drink spiked the night before and was subsequently kidnapped and sexually abused.

Six men were arrested in connection to the crime, all of whom were migrants from Iraq, Bahrain and Syria. All of the men were reportedly bailed out after their arrest, which sparked protests that quickly turned violent. Some protesters smashed windows at the home where the alleged attack took place.

The violent incident and subsequent protests, which took place in Sunderland, England, prompted MP Julie Elliott to release a statement calling on people to remain calm.

“We know the woman had been in Sunderland City Centre on Saturday night before waking up in a strange address in Peel Street with cuts and bruises,” Elliott said. “She managed to leave the house and get to a family member’s home at around 5am on Sunday morning. The victim believes her drink may have been spiked. This is obviously a very serious incident and something we know the local community will be concerned about and we will have officers on patrol to offer reassurance to anyone who may be concerned and answer any queries they may have.”

Many called for the alleged rapists to be punished to the fullest extent of the law for their crimes.

“If this is a true story…. there should be no trial…. they should be publicly executed along with whoever tries to protect them,” one American Patriot reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“Its time every damn one of them were sent packing. If they can’t live like human beings then who needs them. There’s another thing if you look at the pictures most of what is going to other countries are military aged men. Think about it,” another wrote.

“Bring back the death penalty for this kind of crimes . and do it with in a month of the time the crime was committed,” another added.

“Only death will correct these people! Nothing else is gonna work! Because they know their protected from death from citizens. It’s a losing battle unless right are given to the citizens to drive them out by force even if it takes death to enforce it,” another commented.

Sources: Daily Mail, American Patriot/Facebook / Featured Image: Edward Kimmel/Flickr / Embedded Images: AFP/Getty Images via Daily Mail, Derek Bridges/Flickr via Wikimedia Commons

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