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A Contractor Doing Work At Woman’s House Makes Disturbing Discovery In Bedroom

A woman from Goodlettsville, Tennessee, shot and held her alleged stalker at gunpoint after finding him hiding under her bed.

Tony Joe Gunter was arrested after he was reportedly found hiding underneath his ex-girlfriend’s bed. The woman broke up with Gunter after dating him for two years, when she found out about his “extensive criminal history.” When the relationship ended, Gunter reportedly threatened her life.

“I will kill you, you stupid c**t,” he allegedly told her.

Following the threat and the breakup, the unnamed woman changed the locks on her home two times and says she noticed on three separate occasions that Gunter had broken into her home. She proceeded to file an order of protection against him, and subsequently called ADT to arrange for a security system to be installed in the home.

After the ADT worker was finished installing the security system, the woman went into her bedroom to get her cellphone and check the connection to the system. She says she noticed that her phone was missing before spotting Gunter’s feet underneath her bed.

She reportedly instructed the installer to call 911 and then proceeded to pull out a gun and shoot Gunter in the foot while he was still under the bed. She held him at gunpoint until authorities arrived.

When police arrived, Gunter reportedly admitted to hiding under the bed as well as taking the woman’s phone so she couldn’t call for help. He was arrested and charged with aggravated burglary, theft, stalking and violating an order of protection.

Many readers felt the woman would have been justified in killing Gunter to protect herself.

“She could off shot him and killed him and not half to ever worry about him again he’s the tipe that a paper won’t stop,” one Mad World News reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“Should have killed him he will be back,” another wrote.

“Too bad she didn’t finish him off!” another added.

Others said that given the circumstances, the woman did the right thing by having him arrested rather than taking measures that might have been too extreme.

“She should have done just what she did taking a human life is not as easy as people think it will stick in your mind for the rest of your life that you took someone’s life even if it is a car wreck it still in your mind unless you have no morals or heart,” one reader commented.

“The thug got exactly what he deserved !!” another wrote. “Glad the installer was their to call the police.. great job!!”

“I am glad the installer was there to call police,” another added. “Maybe now, he knows she means business. He want forget.”

Sources: WZTV, Mad World News/Facebook / Featured Image: Max Pixel / Embedded Images: Metro PD via WZTV, Goodlettsville Police/Facebook via WZTV

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