Ashley Judd Demands Man Be Fired Because He Gave Her Compliment, Gets Put In Her Place

Actress and political activist Ashley Judd sparked controversy and discussion on social media after she detailed in a Facebook Live video (below) her experience with what she called sexism at an airport.

In the first of a series of Facebook Live videos, Judd explained that she was going through security at an airport when a staff member called her “sweetheart.”

“I said ‘I’m not your sweetheart. I am your client,'” Judd said, BizPac Review reported. “Then when I was setting my things out he said ‘hey nice dress.’”

Judd said the employee touched her while she was putting her things down.

“I didn’t see him touch anybody else. And I turned around and I said ‘that was unnecessary.’ By that time, you know, my skin was burning, my feet are burning. It’s so hard to continue to set these boundaries when someone continues to push,” she said.


“And then for good measure, he said again, ‘have a good day sweetheart.'”

In a follow-up video, Judd says she later spoke with a manager who rectified the situation.


“I’m very happy to report that the manager with whom I spoke immediately apologized, because I had a list of items to review with him — including being called ‘sweetheart,'” she says in the clip.

After her experience went viral, many readers jumped to Judd’s defense.


“What a bunch of morons to make excuses for some guy who really should have just kept his mouth shut,” one Mad World News reader commented on the site’s Facebook page. “A simple smile or hello would have sufficed…women have put up with this chauvinistic behavior for way too long…as for the negative comments against her..why? Seriously stop shaming women for men’s bad behavior!”

“I’m sorry, but if some stranger says ‘hey sweetheart’ to me, I get a little peeved too,” another wrote. “I am in no way shape, or form, a liberal, but the guy seemed like he was cat-calling to me. ‘Hey sweetheart. Nice dress.’ All he needed to add was the ‘why don’t you shake it over here.’ And then, to repeatedly touch her? No. No one on this post would put up with that at an airport. Don’t lie.”

Others said that what the man did should have been taken as harmless.

“I live in the south,” wrote one reader. “I’ve been called sir, baby, sweetheart, sugar, honey, darlin. None of it bothers me. It’s just how people are here. They mean no disrespect and say it as a welcoming and not in a sexual way. More of trying to be friendly. If they say well bless your heart after you’ve been obnoxious, that’s the f.u. of the south in a polite way. Bless her heart.”

“Infamous is a better descriptor for Ms Judd,” added another. “She hasn’t been seen ln a,movie in a long time. Poor thing. Miss motor mouth is like her mother. TMI every time she opens her mouth.”

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