Disabled Man in His Forties Dies and No One Realises For Almost Two Years

The skeleton of a disabled man who died at his home in Georgia has finally been discovered and it is thought he died up to two years ago.

The DeKalb County man, who is believed to be in his mid-forties and disabled, was found by a homeless man on Friday, according to AJC.
The man reportedly told a neighbor in the Ellenwood area – the neighbor eventually called the police on Monday.
Officials say they saw the ‘skeleton’ through a window of the home, which was located at Telstar Drive.

DeKalb police spokeswoman, Shiera Campbell, said medical professionals are currently trying to find out the exact cause of death.
His identity is yet to be released. The medical examiner said it would take a very long time to identify the body and his cause of death may never be revealed.
‘Right now, they don’t even know how long he’s been dead,’ Campbell revealed.


‘We do have to talk to the family and see exactly what happened with this person. It is believed he moved in after the parents died,’ Campbell continued.
They said they may have to bring in an anthropologist to examine the bones.
The deceased man is said to be 48-years-old, according to WSB-TV and apparently disabled.
The house is said to have belonged the man’s parents who died a decade ago – they left the house to their children.
It is reported that he moved in over four years ago with help from his two sisters: ‘They would come twice a week, bring his food, take the trash out to the street and bring the trash cans back,’ the neighbor said.
However, the women stopped visiting around three years ago: ‘They didn’t come back anymore to bring him any food or watch after him or call me and ask me to, you know, look out for the house.
‘A tree fell on it and they never said anything else. They just locked the house up and that’s it,’ the neighbor concluded.

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