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Friends Go Out To Celebrate Vet’s Return, Then Waiter Gives Message That Leaves Them Stunned

ey With the conflicts in the Middle East and other parts of the world, American soldiers face great danger and peril on a daily basis. While they’re away, their loved ones think of them constantly, worrying about their well-being and praying for their safe return.

The freedoms our forefathers fought so hard for are not to be taken for granted. Many died to give us the life, liberty, and happiness that have now come to be expected. We ought to give our thanks to all those who have sacrificed for our freedom.

Scott Stranne, a 21-year-old soldier, returned home from serving in Afghanistan just in time for Veteran’s Day. He went to a local Applebee’s with his friends and motorcycle club buddies for a “welcome home” celebration dinner.

But as the group enjoyed their time together, they didn’t know they were being closely observed and admired by fellow patrons at a nearby table.

When their check came, Stranne and his group were notified by an Applebee’s manager that an anonymous couple had donated $300 to help pay for their tab.

The generous gift came as a total surprise to everyone

“I could see someone buying a meal or drink, but $300 is quite a bit,” Stranne said, “it paid for the whole party.”

None of the employees would reveal the identities of the good Samaritans, so Stranne went to Facebook in an attempt to seek them out.

“I’d love for this message to reach them,” he wrote. “We are SO grateful for that… Please, if this was you, message me. I’d love love love to speak to you in person.”

Though astonished by the kindness of the act, general manager Natasha Conners refused to give up their names. By now, local television station KOMO-TV heard about the story and helped Stranne in his search.

While he understands why the couple might want to remain anonymous, Stranne said he hopes they will reveal themselves because he “never got the opportunity to properly thank them.”

“It gives everyone faith in humanity,” he added. “Everyone at that table had a slice of humility that night.”

We love hearing stories about people who care so much for our military men and women. More people should do the same!

We know Stranne would love to find his generous angels and have the opportunity to thank them in person. If not, we hope this story gets back to them and they know just how grateful he – and the rest of us – are for their kindness.

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