Punk Takes Illegal Gun For Test Run — Learns He Made A Big Mistake

A man who thought it would be a good idea to fire a sawed-off shotgun quickly learned his lesson (video below).

His friend filming the incident warned him several times not to shoot, but he decided to try it out anyway. The video soon went viral.

The man filming suggested to his friend that if shoots, he “hip fire,” or fire the gun from about waist height, according to Mad World News. Instead, he ignored the suggestion and held the gun up to his chest.

As soon as the shooter fired the gun, he realized his mistake. Likely expecting the gun to fire normally and remain still in his hands, the shooter was shocked as the gun immediately slipped out of his hand and hit him in the face.

At the end of the video, the man filming was only able to tells friend, “See, I told you.”

The video may highlight the importance of gun safety. Mad World News notes it may show people that firing guns the way it is shown in the movies or in video games is not necessarily safe.

Viewers shared their thoughts on the video on Reddit.

“People pretty much ignore all advice unless you explicitly tell them what is going to happen,” one viewer commented. “You don’t say: ‘Don’t hold it like that’, nobody will listen. You say: ‘If you hold the gun like that, the recoil is going to cause the gun to hit you in the mouth.’ Then maybe, MAYBE, they will listen. I can’t even count the times I’ve given someone a general warning, have them fail, and then get mad that my warning was not specific enough. So now I either don’t say s***, or explain it so clearly, they can’t come back and say: ‘Well why didn’t you warn me?'”

“I hope they obtained that SBS legally,” another user wrote. “I don’t want to hear a story about this video being used to charge them with violating the National Firearms Act. You would be surprised how many people don’t realize how serious the government considers it a crime if you don’t pay them $200 before you pull out the hacksaw.”

“I’ve fired one of those before,” another viewer claimed. “Well, multiple times.. They’re actually not that hard to control if you’re prepped for the recoil. Clearly this guy was not. It’s a mistake he will most likely only make once.”

Sources: Mad World News, Reddit / Featured Image: PxHere / Embedded Images: YouTube via Inquisitr, PxHere

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