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Soldiers Receive Restaurant Bill & Find Surprising Note Written On Receipt

A group of soldiers were out to eat when they were handed a receipt with a note on it that left them shocked.

Instagram user Brian King shared a photo of the receipt from Uncle Buck’s Fishbowl & Grill in Tacoma, Washington, where he and his fellow soldiers were eating.

“Every time I think that no one cares that I’m a Soldier or about my sacrifice… Someone redeems my faith in society,” King wrote, WXIA reported.

According to King, a Marine veteran chose to anonymously pay the bill for the table of soldiers, leaving before they even got the chance to thank him.

The receipt was signed: “Thank you for your service gentlemen — Former Marine.”

“A former Marine picked up the bill,” King told KING, according to WXIA. “He didn’t introduce himself or even allow us a moment to say ‘Thank you!’ I just want to give this stranger some recognition for his kindness to Soldiers. It’s such. Rare thing. This random act of kindness… Made my day.”

“If I track him down, I’d love to buy him a meal or buy him a drink to say thank you,” added King.

King said that he and the other soldiers he was with at the restaurant, who all serve in the Washington Army National Guard, were not in uniform for security reasons. When King spotted the Marine veteran sitting in the corner, he gave him a head nod. Shortly after, the server brought the soldiers their bill, which was paid in full.

“This Marine really knows what it means to take care of our fellow service members,” King said. “We pay it forward often to service members who are underpaid for the work, time away from love ones and the others’ sacrifices that they have stepped up to do voluntarily.”

According to Mad World News, a number of social media users shared their thoughts on the touching incident.

“I wish more civilians would do this,” one reader commented. “It is a great morale booster to be appreciated by those whom you serve.”

Another user wrote: “I’ve paid the tab for groups of soldiers, local cops, and older couples not wearing jewelry and fancy clothes. Never left a clue, always left first. God says, PAY THAT TICKET! And I Pay it gladly. Even the speeding ones. Good feeling.”

“A great gesture indeed,” another reader added. “I hope he doesn’t forget to tip the waitress.”

Sources: WXIA, Mad World News, KIRO / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: sgtseahawk/Instagram via KING, PublicDomainPictures

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